Cooking as a Life Skill for Young People

Cooking is usually not among the ten life skills that includes problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, communications skills, self awareness, interpersonal relations, creative thinking, empathy etc

However, like all human endeavours, requires anyone who wants to cook to use the above skills. We all eat everyday to stay alive. With the proliferation of food chains and takeaways serving junk food, learning to cook your own food is a life saving skill especially for young people. Junk food creates tiredness, lack of concentration and other short term hard. In the long term, it will lead to weight gain, tooth decay and poor bowels habits.

With support from The National Lottery Community Fund, we have hired two chefs to teach some young people across Liverpool essential cooking skills and where to sort bargain food

Here are some photos from the cooking sessions attended by dozens of young people

last 4

last 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy

last 5

COC Cooking classes

COC Cooking classes



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