Always ready to help people achieve their true potential

Citizen Outreach Coalition organises numerous projects that support young people, migrants and help the vulnerable in our communities.


Supporting our Communities...

Citizen Outreach Coalition COC will help empower residents in Liverpool and around the UK including Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people in the local communities achieve their full potential. It will also do this in foreign countries by supporting the following projects that could help realize this. However, its operations will not only be limited to BME groups but cuts across race, creed, sex, and any other kind of societal divide.

  • Promoting the health, well-being, and mental health of people.

  • Educate BME group people in understanding the criminal justice system and how to avoid falling foul of the law. This will help promote safer communities in the UK and around the world.

  • Help people gain relevant IT and other skills that could help them integrate into the community.

  • Give them training in conflict resolution and mediation.

  • Advocate, support, and promote minority arts, culture, and entertainment.

  • Provide educational, financial, and other support to the underprivileged around the world to help them realize their full potential and achieve better living standards.


Citizen Outreach Coalition works closely with a variety of partners to complete projects that support our communites and enrich the lives of the people in our city.


We regularly carry out crime prevention workshops across the city of Liverpool. For example, we have just completed a six month Big Lottery Funded project about the Criminal Justice System, aimed at reducing crime among migrants and young people. The project involved organising a number of workshops at the St George’s hall and in some hostels, and schools during which participants were lectured on crime prevention and how to maintain a crime free record

Participants were also expected to visit correctional institutions including prisons, Courts and police stations during which they witnessed firsthand how those unfortunate to get caught in the criminal justice system are treated. This has helped many young people in no small way to stay away from crime or any crime related activities. The reaction from some of the young people and migrants who have so far taken part has been amazing and some have requested that such projects be ongoing.


Citizen Outreach Coalition does a lot of advocacy work, particularly concerning the rights and duties of citizenship, good governance and migrant integration across the UK. Many migrants from different cultures and countries struggle when they first arrive in the UK. We are determined to make their stay and integration easier and do this through media campaigns, commissioning research for publication, workshops and public speaking. We also lobby government departments and the wider society on some of the above issues. Our long term goal is to ensure that in our own way, we influence political, economic and social decision making directly or indirectly concerning the above issues.


Citizen Outreach Coalition supports and promotes artists of several genres from musicians through poets and writers. Our primary goal is to make the works of marginalised groups of people get attention from mainstream audiences. In this regard, we help promote the artistic endeavours of young and aspiring as well as established artists.


Healthy people are generally happier people. We aim to make sure people from BAME groups, many of whom do not have equal access to general exercise programmes, get involved in many different sports. We do this by organising regular keep fit workshops. Additionally, we also regularly organise healthy cooking workshops and lectures.

To highlight this for example, in August 2019, we received funding from Sports England for a keep fit general sports project titled “Kick Cardio-Vascular Diseases out of Merseyside.” Hundreds of Liverpool residents have come together to keep fit weekly as a result. The project will end in July 2020 but it is hoped that beneficiaries will continue exercising and avoiding cardio vascular diseases long after the project ends.

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