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Dr Harvey Kwiyani on The growth of African Pentecostal churches in the UK

A Kenyan Pastor John Mbiti is famous for this quotation that Africans are notoriously religious. We know that when Africans find their way to Europe, to the UK, they bring their religion with them


Pastor Matilda Egbumokei. The Oral History of Africans in Merseyside

Pastor Matilda Egbumokei. The Story of Africans in Merseyside;    It is nice to know something like this is going on. When he first came to say he wanted to record my story, at first I was thinking: do I want anybody to know my story? Do I want to share anything with anybody? DO […]


Femi Sowande. On Oral History of Africans in Merseyside Project

Femi Sowande. The Story of AFricans in Merseyside;   One of the lessons that I think I have learnt over the years is that a lot of us have very short term processes in Trying to achieve certain things. For some of us who have worked in the community for years and years and years, […]